In a time where there seems to be an abundance of negativity all around us, there is a movement that is taking place. I see it all around me every day. People and their attitudes are beginning to transmute into much more positive beings. We are beginning to see through the negative forces that are in play. Just by the Law of Attraction, we are becoming more of a positive force that is changing the world. 

My name is Joshua Crabb and I started Positive Comment of the Day to grow as a project to transform attitudes, gratitude and self awareness. Being positive has a ripple effect that will improve your life as it has mine. While it’s easy to draw upon the negatives of the day, changing your effort, energy, emotion into action of being positive puts you in a happier mood that surprisingly carries over you and to those that you come into contact.

My next book is one where I am compiling our Positive Comments to create the first volume. I love learning about the stories or people who passed the passion of the comment to you. The Comments need to be handwritten and signed. When you do this, you will understand why it is so important. 

Positive Comments can be sent to:
Positive Comment of the Day
Po Box 270706
Fort Collins, CO 80527-0706

If you wish to contribute and support the project please do so by mail or paypal.