Are you looking for a speaker at your next association, meeting or conference?

Joshua Crabb will show you how to believe, not only in yourself, but in your passion.

You may be looking to bring in someone that will mix things up a little from the standard routine. Joshua is a motivational storyteller that who is very dynamic and able to find the Positive in everything. Joshua Crabb is a highly entertaining interactive storyteller that your audience will love. Joshua brings enthusiasm and energy into his presentations.

Joshua will share his personal experiences through his journey that has led him to his path. He has experienced many of the same situations that most people go through. By sharing these experiences, it becomes apparent that, if he could do it, so could you.

Businesses are run by people and sometimes it is forgotten how to motivate these people and to have them share the same vision. Joshua will help to re-establish the motivation and understanding of what it takes to see the vision.